June 25, 2010

Royal Bellagio Hotel's Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Earlier today, I had a meeting in Royal Bellagio Hotel which is located along P. Burgos Street in Makati City. The hotel has been our client for more than 4 years now and I must say that I have established a good personal rapport with the Hotel Manager, Ms. Boots Magno. Knowing my love for sweets, she made me try one of their desserts, the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes.

The cake was absolutely divine! It had four layers comprised of egg white, egg yolk, ice cream and crushed graham crackers. Really yummy!! The merengue on top had the perfect consistency while the custard filling provided the right sweetness. The slab of ice cream and the base of crushed graham gave a different but wonderful twist to this classic dessert. 

I shared about a third of the cake with my colleague while I unabashedly finished it off. ;)

The Royal Bellagio Hotel is home to Caffe Ibiza Italiano and the Filling Station Bar and Cafe, with the latter popularly raved for its 1950's-theme and memorabilia. The hotel itself is famed for its elaborately decorated theme rooms which have been featured in several magazines and even a television show. 

Royal Bellagio Hotel
5010 P. Burgos Street
Makati City
Telephone Number: 899.5555

June 18, 2010

Back in Fort Ilocandia

I'm back in Fort Ilocandia Hotel in Laoag in Ilocos Norte to attend to some urgent business matters. We took the Cebu Pacific flight and arrived here at past 9 o'clock last night. Immediately, we met with our host for a quick briefing and some late dinner.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately stepped out onto the veranda to check my surroundings. This time around, I had a view of the pool. 

After breakfast, I ventured out to the part I wasn't able to see the last time I was here.

Fort Ilocandia's lap pool

After our meeting (which extended to a late lunch), I decided against exploring more of the ground and went back to my room as I couldn't stand the heat.

I stayed inside my room, glancing every now and then at the window to catch a glimpse of the sunset skyline. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. It was already 6pm and it was time to head to the airport to catch our flight back to Manila.

But just before checking out, I chanced upon this sight which was but a fitting end to a quick business trip that went well.