November 30, 2011

My Christmas Angels

25 days to go 'til Christmas!!!

Our tree is up, a few gifts have been wrapped but there's still a lot more to do! With the happiest of all holidays fast approaching, each day feels like crunch time. The traffic on EDSA and the crowd inside the malls can attest to the hurried and harried frenzy of people rushing this season.

Before I get sucked into panic mode, I am taking time out today to sit back and reflect on what Christmas should be all about. 

Life will get busier in the next few days but I am thankful that I come home to my 3 girly-girls --- my angels who represent hope, faith and love, in more ways than one.

An Intangible Christmas Gift

The past weekend was a blur, but memories were made again. We had an early Christmas present in the form of tickets to the matinee show of The Sound of Music production at the Resort's World Manila. 

photo source: Galapinoy

I remember seeing an earlier production when I was a little girl (don't dare ask how long ago that was) and the songs have been stuck in my head all this time. To this day, "The hills are alive with the sound of music...," "Doe, a deer, a female deer ...," and "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... these are a few of my favorite things...," are all still in my head.

For our family, this was our very first time to see a play but only my littlest girl was giddy with excitement. It didn't take long however, for my two older daughters to warm up and enjoy the play. They too became entranced with the show. 

We caught Cris Villonco as Frau Maria Rainer, Audie Gemora as Captain Georg Von Trapp and Pinky Amador as Baroness Elsa Shraeder. We were also lucky to see Atasha Muhlach (daughter of Filipino celebrities) as Brigitta von Trapp. They and the rest of the cast proved that Filipino artists are truly world-class! 

"I am sixteen, going on seventeen ..."
photo source here

More than the music and words, the story is a classic and its basic tenet about a family who lost and found love again transcends throughout many generations.  Kids and kids-at-heart will be enthralled with the timeless tale of family and love.

It was definitely an experience quite like no other, one that would remain forever etched in our girls' memories. Of this I'm very sure.