December 25, 2011

Christmas in Our Home (2011)

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank for you for all the blessings which continue come our way, most importantly, these:

Have a Blessed and meaningful Christmas everyone! 

December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Fiona

My littlest kid is 8 today!

She is growing up so fast right before my very eyes.

Happy birthday sweet little one! Mommy loves you!

December 5, 2011

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December 4, 2011

Journey of an Azkal Fan

Since the Philippine Azkals gained unprecedented popularity after their showing in the Asian Football Federation Suzuki Cup last year, HB and I began to religiously follow the National Football Team who raised the awareness of a basketball-loving nation to this most watched sport in the world.  My HB said it best (of course I'm biased, lol) in his blog post earlier this year, "the time for Pilipinas Futbol has come..." And so we stood witness to all the team's home games this year. 

A day after my birthday this year, HB and I flew to Bacolod to see the Azkals play against Mongolia at the Panaad Stadium for the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup qualifying match.

The football frenzy in this Negros province was palpable. Several hours before the game kicked off, all roads led to the Panaad Stadium.

en route to the Panaad Stadium

Just the sight of the bus of the Azkals players caused tremendous excitement.

Go Azkals!

Inside the stadium, the crowd united behind the Azkals team. We did several rounds of the "wave" and hooted "who let the dogs out..."

We witnessed the glorious victory.

the celebratory fireworks

And saw the mad dash of people to the football field after the game.

Pandemonium on the football field

We partied with the players and fellow fans at the roof deck of L' Fisher Hotel.

with Rob Gier

with Chieffy Caligdong

Last July 3, there was no stopping us from seeing the game which was held at the Rizal Stadium in Manila. This was the second leg of the match against Sri Lanka for the Asian Qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup.

the Azkals warming up before the game

This time, we took our girls and they too felt the Azkal-mania firsthand.  

me and my girls - all bitten by 'Azkalitis'

oh, but our whole brood was in fact bitten by the football fever

In between cheering and screaming during the course of the game, I patiently staked out the moves of goal keeper Neil Etheridge.

Neil Etheridge in action

Until I personally felt triumphant with this shot:

Once again, we witnessed their victory.

a glorious moment

For the July 28 home game against Kuwait for the second round of the World Cup Asian Qualifiers, I was in Cebu on a business trip. I took the first flight out that morning and got on an afternoon flight to meet HB and my girls at the Rizal Stadium. I was very late and the lone goal of Steffan Schrock had happened by the time I got into the bleachers. But as soon as I saw the happy faces of my girls, I felt more successful than the Kuwaitis.

these girls were out there even if it was a school night

Despite the Azkals' loss to the Kuwaiti team, we all felt like winners still. We all beamed with pride. There was no shame in the loss. It was a historic moment not only for the football team, but more so for the football die hard fans who have wished long enough for our  nation to embrace this dynamic sport like its own.

Chieffy Caligdong, head held up high during the lap of honor

And then the stuff in which only dreams were made of happened last night. THE David Beckham played on our country's turf and showed us all why and how football is "the most popular sport in the world."


Once again, we stood as witness to the realization of the Dream Cup between the Philippine Azkals and the LA Galaxy.

heaven sent

We almost missed this chance but the great heavens smiled down upon us by dropping some tickets onto our laps twenty two hours before the game. (Many thanks to my brother and sister in law who shared their wonderful blessing with our family!) Four hours before the game, two more VIP tickets (shown in the photo above) were given to us by HB's former football coach. (Many thanks too, Coach Bob!)

with Maricar and Julio Sulit

It was a momentous event, a perfect culmination of a year's journey for the Philippine Azkal team, the fans and the faithful football followers.

(photo credit to my HB)
the final lap of honor of the Azkals team for 2011

It was all-together a historic year, not only with the wins and the glories, but more importantly,  for the sport and our country. It's humbling really, to have those Fil-foreigners play for our motherland, to see our local players shine alongside them and to see them all together strive to bring glory to our country. I am grateful to have stood as witness to the journey of our national football team.

Until next year's ...

David Beckham

I named my car after this iconic legend.  To say that I am a fan is an understatement.

My admiration grew several notches higher a few days ago as I noticed his innate kindness. In spite of all his fame and fortune, he has remained humble and has continued to give back to the sport which has given him so much. Indeed, he is a true ambassador of football.

We almost missed this once-in-a-lifetime chance. The great heavens blessed us once again.

Last night, I, along with some 20,000 other Filipino football aficionados, became witness to an event which many thought were just what dreams were made of.  Last night, the Dream Cup between the Philippine Azkals and the LA Galaxy was realized.

And this was how up close we were to David Beckham:


(I need not say more.)