May 19, 2010

Photo Op: Pueblo Por La Playa

After our lunch in Silangang Nayon, we proceeded to the very colorful resort just a couple of hundred meters away. 

My Spanish boss translated the resort's name and said that  Pueblo por la Playa is Town by the Beach in English. 

It is a Mexican-themed residential and country club nestled on the coast of Pagbilao Bay in Quezon. 

For our "survey", we were first brought to the restaurant. I stepped outside and took a picture of this sight:

view of the hotel and the infinity pool

Next, we were ushered into the receiving area of the resort where the function rooms and 14 hotels rooms were located. We were also greeted by this view:

 picturesque infinity pool

We took a short tour of the building and I found the hotel corridor to be very colorful.

the festive-colored hotel corridor

We also viewed a couple of rooms but my pics aren't nice :(  But before I forget, here are the other shots I took:

view of the beach from the parking lot

Pueblo por la Playa as viewed from Silangang Nayon Restaurant

The resort is strictly for members only (or member-sponsored guests). According to the club and resort manager, a lifetime membership pass can be had for Php 300k.

For more information, click here to view their website.

Photo Op: The Sulo Riviera Hotel in Lucena City, Quezon

In most cases during our business trips, we do a "survey" of a hotel which simply means we take a look at a typical room layout. Sometimes, I tag along with our technical guys and I get my photo opportunity ;)

One such hotel that we recently surveyed was The Sulo Riviera in Lucena in Quezon. It is located in front of the Grand Terminal, a few meters off the Diversion Road of the National Highway.

I got the chance to check out the rooms on the second floor.

View of the hotel lobby from the second floor

Ambassador Queen Room for Php 3,500 per night

Ambassador King Room for Php 4,000 per night

... with a view of this pool

The Executive Suite 

... with its own sitting room ...

... and garden view

Regular Room

Regular Twin Room

All rooms are equipped with air conditioner, hot and cold shower, and cable TV. Complimentary breakfast for two is also part of the package.

The other facilities of the hotel are a restaurant (located near the pool and garden areas), function rooms, a wave pool and a Victorian-garden.

Victorian-inspired garden is a great venue for weddings

The wave pool boasts of a maximum capacity of 1,500 persons (whoa!)

To know more about their rates, click here to check out their website. For inquiries or reservations, their numbers are (042) 660-5400, (02) 250-8319 and (02) 584-4276.

Silangang Nayon Restaurant in Pagbilao, Quezon

While I was in Lucena last May 12 for a business trip, I called up my brother-in-law and asked him to recommend a must-try restaurant in the area. Without hesitation, he brought us to Silangang Nayon, an off-the beaten-track restaurant in Pagbilao Cove. We drove past the Lucena City-Pagbilao intersection on the National Highway and then turned right at a small interior road and drove for a little less than 7 kilometers to get to this restaurant:

He led us down some steps and crossed a bamboo bridge to get to the bay-side dining area:

He also took the liberty of ordering for everyone. The food took awhile to arrive but we simply enjoyed the fresh air. When our order arrived, I scrambled to take pictures and thought that everything was worth the wait. 

sotanghon noodles with prawns

inihaw na liempo

grilled oysters


Everything was so fresh and yummy :) The bay breeze heightened our appetites and we truly enjoyed our meal :D

I wasn't able to take note of the price of each dish because my brother-in-law footed the bill. (Thank you soooooo much!) He said that he paid a little less than Php 1,500 for everything and we were 7 in the group. 

With the fresh seafood at absolutely fantastic prices, we are definitely taking another road trip back and have another wonderful meal at Silangang Nayon!

May 15, 2010

Eve of The Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

Every May 15, the town of Lucban in Quezon celebrates the Pahiyas Festival in honor of their patron saint, San Isidro de Labrador. Tradition dictates that houses are decorated with fruits, vegetables and the like in order to thank the patron saint for a bountiful harvest.

We decided to visit Lucban on the eve of the Pahiyas Festival   to avoid the heavy throng of people and heat on the day of the feast itself. Preparations and festivities were already under way. But most of the decors were not lit. 

Only one house stood out and a crowd had already gathered. 

While walking towards the town plaza, we saw these men making longganisa.

Across the town plaza (where a concert was being held), is Buddy's which is touted to have the best Pancit Lucban.

Also in the vicinity of the town plaza are various restaurants and bars where locals and tourists hang out. 

We hung out here :

I vow to go back next year to see more and take part in the actual festival ... if only I could brave the heat and crowds. I've got a year to muster enough bravery, haha.

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!

Let me just share with you the hand-made cards made by my girls which made me feel really special today:

Trish had a wonderful gift for me as we attended a parents orientation and witnessed her "graduation" of sorts from the Meralco Chapter of the Youth for Christ. This was just very timely. Happy tears swelled my eyes several times this morning. I was deeply honored to be her mom.

To my three girly-girls, thank you for giving me reasons to be a proud mom! All of you have your unique ways of making me feel special. You all inspire me. I love you girls! :)

May 8, 2010

Getting to Laiya via Ibaan Exit

Travel date: April 30, 2010

On our way to Laiya, I noticed a banner along the Star Tollway advising motorists to take the Ibaan Exit to get to the resorts in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. 

Normally, we take the Lipa exit and go through the city proper of Lipa. (During our trip last February, traffic was rerouted to a one-way street just past the junction after De La Salle Lipa. Though a bit circuitous, this adjustment eased the traffic flow noticeably. This leads to the right road merging to a Y junction with a monument in the middle referred to in 

Last week though, we heeded the sign and went past the Lipa exit and drove 11 kilometers more to get to the Ibaan exit. 

After the Lipa exit, the Star Tollway becomes a narrow two-way road.

After 10.5 kilometers from the Lipa exit, motorists are advised with this road sign.

From the exit, we turned left and headed towards the town of Ibaan. 

turn left and head towards Ibaan

road towards Rosario

We just followed the road and turned left at the end, which led to the town proper of Ibaan. After a few meters past the church, we came to a Y junction, where there was a road sign directing motorists to turn right. We drove about 15 kilometers until we got to the town proper of Rosario. There was a slight build up of traffic leading to the junction with a Jollibee store on the left side. We went straight past the junction, turned right at the end of the road and ended up a few meters before the arc going to the Batangas Racing Circuit. We followed the main road which veered to the left and drove straight for about 8 kilometers before we reached San Juan.

Welcome to San Juan, Batangas :)

May 7, 2010

Alternative Places to Stay in Laiya

The narrow road leading to the entrance of Kabayan Beach Resort in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is dotted with other "resorts" which more or less share the same beach front as that of Kabayan Resort. During our overnight stay in Laiya Austria Beach Resort, I was able to take a look at the other places as we also tried to book an extra night.

These alternative places are not beach front. Guests have to walk on a narrow cemented path for less than  5 minutes to get to the beach.

Ideal for budget travelers, bringing in and cooking food is allowed. These "resorts" have common kitchen facilities complete with stove, griller and refrigerator. Dining and eating utensils are also provided.

Village Plaza Resort

Four air-conditioned cottages with 2 double-sized beds, 
private toilet and bath, and cable tv at Php 5,000 per night

They also have three bahay kubo-type of rooms, each equipped with a double-sized bed and fan. Toilet and bath is common for all three kubo-types. Room rate is Php 2,500 per night.

For inquiries, call Rachel Valdecantos at numbers (043) 5753261, 0908-5065817,
or Sally at 0929-2258618.

Mang Tomas' Rooms

Mang Tomas has 3 air-conditioned rooms and 2 fan rooms

row of aircon rooms

this room is being rented out for Php 3,000 per night

Casa Remo Apartelle

Eight rooms which can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons per room. 
Each room has two double-sized beds, extra mattresses and its own toilet and bath. 

Rates depend on the number of occupants, 
ranging from PhP 3,800 to Php 5,000.

Click here to view Casa Remo's website.

Good Shepherd Rest House

I sent an inquiry via text to the number found on the tarpaulin poster and was told to text this number instead: 0919-8317985. The rate for an air-con room which is good for 2 persons is PhP 3,000 while a room with a maximum capacity of 6 persons can be rented for PhP 6,000.

May 6, 2010

Photo Op: Kabayan Beach Resort

As mentioned in an earlier post, we had to pass by the parking lot of Kabayan Beach Resort whenever we went to the beach. From the parking lot, there were two gates which led to the resort. On our way back from the beach on our first afternoon, we entered the gate and briefly explored the resort and took a few shots:

Welcoming entrance

inviting pool

Kabayan's beach front

I hope luck sides with me next time so I can book a room here on our next trip to Laiya and I will definitely  post more pics then ;)