May 3, 2010

Dalampasigan Beach Resort in Sariaya, Quezon

the resort's arched entryway

tree-lined path leading to the resort's very spacious parking lot

Located in Baranggay Guis-guis in Sariaya in Quezon Province, the Dalampasigan Beach Resort is on the coast of the Tayabas Bay. The resort is quite popular with local tourists who wish to beat the heat or groups who would like to hold functions and/or events. It has a number of facilities and offer recreational activities ranging from a playground for kids (and kids at heart), billiards, darts, table tennis to kayaking and beach volleyball.

Trish and Fiona at the playground area

The resort has 66 rooms to choose from, with accommodations for twin-sharing to as many as 25 persons. Room rates range from a thousand bucks to a high of Php 12,000 for the 3-storey Jasmine unit which can accommodate a maximum of 25.

Gumamela Rooms near the resort entrance

Jasmine Unit(s) for large groups

Though the beach is far from being called spectacular as the sand is definitely not pristine white, the waters are very kid-friendly. I just sat on the sand watching my girls in the water. As it was the low tide when we got there, the girls were a few meters off and the water was still about Fiona's waist deep.

definitely not white sand

sun, sand, sea and sky

Most importantly, the resort offers a welcome respite from the stifling summer heat. And in the company of my girls, good bonding memories surely abound.

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