July 12, 2011

Amber's Pancit Malabon

I have known Amber since about five years ago. Our office is about 15 minutes away from their original branch in Makati City. Birthday blow outs of office colleagues and myself won't be complete without a call for delivery of their best selling Pancit Malabon. Their other best sellers are their pork barbecue and pichi-pichi.

Last night, to celebrate our yaya's birthday and to show our appreciation for her, we ordered take-out food from Amber's branch in Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

Order sizes of the Pancit Malabon vary depending on the number of servings per person. The smallest bilao is recommended to feed about 5 people while the largest bilao is good for 25 people. But I must say that their portions are on the generous side. Price range is reasonable and affordable, starting at PhP 300 to PhP 800.

Pancit Malabon good for 5, Php 300

The Pancit Malabon is actually rice noodles with shrimp sauce which is orange in color. It is quite similar to another noodle dish, the pancit palabok. What distinguishes the pancit malabon from the pancit palabok is that the noodles of the latter are thicker in diameter. Both dishes are usually topped with slices of shrimp, boiled egg and chinese cabbage. (reference: http://panlasangpinoy.com)

Amber's Pancit Malabon is generously topped with shrimp and egg slices.

We also got lumpiang shanghai (spring roll usually filled with ground pork), which, incidentally, is my favorite party food.

Lumpiang Shanghai, PhP 8 per piece

And for dessert, we got pichi pichi, a sticky and gelatinous dessert made of cassava and sugar. While others prefer the cheese toppings on the pichi pichi, I personally favor the good old niyog (grated coconut).

Pichi pichi with fresh coconut, PhP 4 per piece

Celebrations need not be costly, thanks to the considerably affordable prices, generous portions and relatively good quality of Amber's offerings. To view Amber's menu and list of branches, click here.

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