July 18, 2011

Simple Joys on Sunday Afternoons

Our Sunday afternoons are usually spent in the vicinity of Katipunan Avenue and at the Ateneo grounds. For several years now, Sunday  afternoons are "sacred" for HB as he plays football with the Blue Guards team. This is his prime "me" time where he gets to play his favorite sport and engage in male camaraderie. 

When we tag along with him, us girls enjoy each other differently and it is a time filled with bonding moments. 

We usually spend our time browsing and shopping for storybooks, activity books, school supplies and other knick knacks inside the National Bookstore. I've always joked that my girls are literally "laking National" as they freely roamed the aisles since they were all young. We have never gone inside the bookstore without any purchase and their happy faces makes it all worth our while.

And then we're off for some snacks at a fast food joint in the area. 

On some occasions, we set up a "picnic" on the field. 

Even with just chips and juice, my girls are delighted.

When they tire of sitting down on the mat, they are free to wander (where I could still see them of course) on the grounds. They just go and ham it all up on cam.

They take turns to climb up the goal post.

They also alternately and patiently take each other's jump shots.

There was a time when HB taught them to fly a kite.

Lately, our Sunday trips include our dog, Neil. He enjoys the field as much as my girls do.

They really are all so mababaw ang kaligayahan this way, and I love that it doesn't take much to please them. Quality time with my girls is simply any time spent with them any how and any way.  We need not spend much to enjoy ourselves. And I cannot help but thank God for these simply joys!

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