June 23, 2011

Dang Dee Value Meal

Yesterday's cheap but filling lunch was delivered from Dang Dee, a Taiwanese-themed fast food in Legaspi Village in Makati City. Referred by a friend who works in that area, she sent us a copy of the restaurant's menu:

For a minimum of two orders, Dang Dee delivers within the vicinity. However, it took much convincing for the staff to deliver to our office in Pacific Star Building which was actually quite a distance from their branch. We waited about 45 minutes for our order.

Since it was our first time to try, we chose the Classic Bento which was composed of a good serving of rice topped with pork roast (very much like the Chinese asado style) and a couple of deep fried pork slices. There was also a generous serving of vegetables, a half slice of an egg and what looked like garlic bits (which I was told, were spicy). For a mere Php 78, it also came with a Zesto juice. 

the Dang Dee Classic Bento, Php 78

What I most liked about it was the packaging. The food was presented in a box with a material similar to that of the Chinese take out boxes. The material was effective in keeping the food warm.

Grumbling tummies will surely be warmed and satisfied with meals from Dang Dee. It's quite a good alternative from the popular fast food chains with prices that definitely won't put a dent on an office worker's budget.

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