June 19, 2011

Cool Shirts For A Cool Dad

It's Father's Day today and as a tribute to my HB, I am posting these funny cool shirts from CafePress:

With our three girly girls, HB is a dad three times over.

Indeed, for him,

Raising our girls to be smart, tough, and God-fearing is quite a daunting task for HB. In addition, HB has had to deal with complicated girly issues such as buying inner wear and different shampoo brands suited for their different hair types vis-a-vis no harsh chemicals. He has had to deal with each girl's unique brand of charm when they wanted something and he had to remain steadfast and firm. He also had to contend with our eldest's PMS and heartbroken tears. With these (and future) challenges, HB deserves to wear this:

I must say that HB is a very hands-on type. He had no qualms with diaper-changing when the girls were still babies. He was also very patient with waking up in the middle of the night to feed them. He loved giving them baths when they started to sit up on their own. He is extremely patient with answering the trivial questions of our two younger girls. He is quite protective with all of them. He found it most favorable when our eldest enrolled in a taekwondo class. We all heard him talk to our new puppy to help guard the girls. With his nurturing and protective nature, this is also most apt:

Have I mentioned before that HB is the king of our brood's stomach?

I saved this best funniest shirt for last. But, let me remind you all that this blog is intended for a "General Patronage" audience so before jumping to conclusions, please read the fine print:

Quite frankly, choosing just one shirt for my HB is difficult, just as it is a difficult job for him to bear the responsibility of raising our girls to be the best they can be. But I know too that fatherhood for him has been very rewarding. I guess I'll just leave it to our girls to give him his just reward for the day by making him feel special with their handmade cards and heartfelt words of gratitude.

Happy Father's Day!!!

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