June 21, 2011

More Good Deals From MetroDeal

Last week, I seized this irresistible family-bonding deal which delighted my girls:


From the regular price of Php 449, this deal slashed off 51% to bring the price down to Php 220. The vouchers are valid from June 25 until December 25, giving us ample time to plan our trip. I immediately clicked on the "Buy Now" button and purchased 5 vouchers for our brood. An email was sent to me which gave instructions and additional bank details and I paid by making an over-the-counter deposit. It was that easy!

Today, I couldn't resist again and clicked the button for this deal:


I've been wanting to try a photo book to showcase precious bonding memories of our family trips. When I wasn't too busy with work, I used to scrapbook and have tons of materials accumulated. Alas, life took over. And now that everything has gone digital, a photo book sure is in keeping with the times. I've seen photo books offered by  kiosks offering photo services, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it. With this deal, I am finally going to get to do it! In addition, what I find most attractive to this FotoSnaps Photo Book deal is that I get to layout the design and pictures using their software (with various templates) through their website. For me, this is digital scrap booking and I get to print it! I am actually tempted to purchase more vouchers! But, will curb that impulse for now.

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