May 7, 2010

Alternative Places to Stay in Laiya

The narrow road leading to the entrance of Kabayan Beach Resort in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is dotted with other "resorts" which more or less share the same beach front as that of Kabayan Resort. During our overnight stay in Laiya Austria Beach Resort, I was able to take a look at the other places as we also tried to book an extra night.

These alternative places are not beach front. Guests have to walk on a narrow cemented path for less than  5 minutes to get to the beach.

Ideal for budget travelers, bringing in and cooking food is allowed. These "resorts" have common kitchen facilities complete with stove, griller and refrigerator. Dining and eating utensils are also provided.

Village Plaza Resort

Four air-conditioned cottages with 2 double-sized beds, 
private toilet and bath, and cable tv at Php 5,000 per night

They also have three bahay kubo-type of rooms, each equipped with a double-sized bed and fan. Toilet and bath is common for all three kubo-types. Room rate is Php 2,500 per night.

For inquiries, call Rachel Valdecantos at numbers (043) 5753261, 0908-5065817,
or Sally at 0929-2258618.

Mang Tomas' Rooms

Mang Tomas has 3 air-conditioned rooms and 2 fan rooms

row of aircon rooms

this room is being rented out for Php 3,000 per night

Casa Remo Apartelle

Eight rooms which can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons per room. 
Each room has two double-sized beds, extra mattresses and its own toilet and bath. 

Rates depend on the number of occupants, 
ranging from PhP 3,800 to Php 5,000.

Click here to view Casa Remo's website.

Good Shepherd Rest House

I sent an inquiry via text to the number found on the tarpaulin poster and was told to text this number instead: 0919-8317985. The rate for an air-con room which is good for 2 persons is PhP 3,000 while a room with a maximum capacity of 6 persons can be rented for PhP 6,000.


Anonymous said...

hi good day!! just want to ask if how much is the rates for sands hotel in boracay?? good for two?
thnks!! your blog really helps :) keep it up:)

Kathy Sulit said...

their website (
says $120 (around 6k in PHP) per night. do check them out. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Now I don't have to rely on resort's website which is super expensive and do not allow bringing in of foods. The beach view and water that they have is also the same with the other, they just differ in accomodations. Well for people like me who wants to go there just to relax need not to go to an expensive resort, all I want is to smell the fresh air and to see the relaxing scenery of the beach making sure that the room i'm occupying is safe when I sleep as well as my belongings.

Jen said...

thank you so much for posting this. been looking around for resorts in laiya and most of them are really expensive and most are package rates w/c i dont like. this post is really what i've been looking for.

Kathy Sulit said...

Thank you Anonymous and Jen :) I'm glad that you find this post informative. Have fun in Laiya!

Anonymous said...

hi! do you have the contact number of marta's haven? thanks! :)

Kat said...

no, i don't :)