May 2, 2010

Full Swing Summer!

Thus far, we've been to:

This coming weekend, we've got a couple of swimming parties to attend but both will be held within the metropolis. After the elections, I've got a scheduled business trip to Naga and Legaspi in Bicol. As soon as I land at the airport on May 14, our family will head out to Lucban in Quezon for HB's office department outing (although I made separate arrangements to stay at a friend's house in Louisiana in Laguna) to take part in the famous Pahiyas Festival the following day.

Whew! Sounds tiring, but I'm more excited more than anything! This means I've got a lot of travels tales to come and I've still got my stories piling up in my drafts. ;) 

I'm not complaining though... after all, my mantra says:
Live life to the fullest, 
Laugh at all the things that don't matter,
          and Love with all that you have and more!


*MrsMartinez* said...

I have also been to lobo too! Very secluded area... xoxo

Kathy Sulit said...

Hi MrsMartinez, I'm so glad to see you went back to my blog :D Though we found the beach in Lobo to be very rocky, we still had a wonderful time as we were amongst very good friends.
Btw, hope you had a good birthday ... I look forward to your posts ...