April 12, 2010

Subic TreeTop: An Adventure Like No Other

The Tree Top Adventure is one of Subic's latest tourist attractions offering a unique ecological experience. Activities range from jungle trekking, suspended trails and bridges, motorized cable rides and rappelling. The various activity packages are definitely not for the weak-kneed and faint-hearted. The activities are not at all dangerous as the park promotes safety in all aspects. Only the park attendants are allowed to strap on the harnesses. They also offer packages for groups who would like to hold team-building exercises in an ecological setting. Click here to find out more about the TreeTop Adventure activities, facilities and packages.

Only my HB and eldest daughter mustered enough courage to take on the tree top challenges. The two younger girls wanted to try it out but we were informed that they were still too small (and I guess with their 'skinniness', no harness would fit them, heeheehee).

I, on the other hand, was only too happy to stay on the sidelines and cheer.

HB was the first to take the challenge.

HB makes his way to the tree drop platform

He tried out the Australian-style tree drop, a face-first rappelling style. It cost Php 150 per tree drop.

Trish tried the Interactive Freefall, a suspension ride taking adventurers to a high of about 60 meters. We paid Php 250 for this yoyo-like ride.

about 60 meters up high

Unfortunately, the park's most famous "Superman" ride was not available that time that we were there.

In the meantime, my younger girls were contented with just making wacky poses for me.

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