August 17, 2012

When In Subic ...

... I never fail to drop by Royal Subic, where I buy my pasalubong for my brood. As in most duty free shops, prices are quoted in US dollars and the conversion rate to our local peso is dependent on the current exchange rate.

I got sweets for my sweet girls.

Chips, a.k.a. junk food. I know, my bad.

skin food

The Burt's Bees lotion and hand salve were at $ 8.10 apiece. These are steal deals as these stuff are sold for more than double in most shops in Metro Manila.

Do share your must-buys and other shopping loot when in Royal Mall. I'm interested to know ...

Photo Op: Alta Vista de Boracay

Owned and managed by DMCI Homes, Alta Vista de Boracay is located in Barangay Yapak in the northwestern part of Boracay Island. We had a quick opportunity to visit the resort during our trip last month. Alas, we didn't have time to tour the vast four-hectare property. We had a glimpse though of a number of  cluster buildings which house a total of 500 rooms.

Immediately upon entering the lobby, I was drawn to the resort's infinity pool set amid the hilltop.  

The resort's secluded ambiance is a perfect foil for the maddening crowd in the island's White Beach area. Lounging by this poolside is sure to relax one's mind and soul. Just order a refreshing drink at the nearby restaurant and you're set ;)

Going back to the lobby, I appreciated the use of indigenous material like the bamboo reeds which lined the entire sloping ceiling. This provided a soft visual texture which contrasted against the tiled floor. In addition, the capiz panels allowed natural light to come in, giving a bright and airy feeling to the huge lobby. The lighting fixtures also made use of our native materials. Notice the capiz chandelier hung in the middle, anchored by a tree trunk adorned with more capiz lanterns. Native reed lanterns were also lined above the reception desk.

Here's a closer look at the juxtaposition of the indigenous materials. My compliments go to the designer for imbibing the tropical theme and making good use of locally available decor materials.

For more information about Alta Vista de Boracay Resort, view their website by clicking here.

TGIF Laughs: Weekend is Coming

photo credit

And it's a four day weekend at that ... woohoo :)

Hope this bright and sunny weather stays until next week. Enjoy, everyone!

August 9, 2012

Against All Odds

Thank heavens for Mr. Sun is finally out! 

We are quite thankful too that our family and friends were spared from the onslaught of rain and flood. We pray for those who were affected and may they find strength, courage and incessant faith during this trying time.

Over the past couple of days, my Facebook wall was filled with posts ranging from the gravity of the situation in Metro Manila and in other parts of Luzon to rescue efforts and prayer requests for deliverance. Then too, a number of posts showed  our people's uncanny ability to make light of the catastrophe befallen us. 

Take this, for example:

And this:

And this:

Seriously, I am amazed at our resilience. Amidst tragedy, we, Filipinos, are always ready with a smile (and a joke) to ease our burdens.  No amount of rainfall could dampen our spirits. As a parting shot, this last one says it all.