August 9, 2012

Against All Odds

Thank heavens for Mr. Sun is finally out! 

We are quite thankful too that our family and friends were spared from the onslaught of rain and flood. We pray for those who were affected and may they find strength, courage and incessant faith during this trying time.

Over the past couple of days, my Facebook wall was filled with posts ranging from the gravity of the situation in Metro Manila and in other parts of Luzon to rescue efforts and prayer requests for deliverance. Then too, a number of posts showed  our people's uncanny ability to make light of the catastrophe befallen us. 

Take this, for example:

And this:

And this:

Seriously, I am amazed at our resilience. Amidst tragedy, we, Filipinos, are always ready with a smile (and a joke) to ease our burdens.  No amount of rainfall could dampen our spirits. As a parting shot, this last one says it all.

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