May 8, 2010

Getting to Laiya via Ibaan Exit

Travel date: April 30, 2010

On our way to Laiya, I noticed a banner along the Star Tollway advising motorists to take the Ibaan Exit to get to the resorts in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. 

Normally, we take the Lipa exit and go through the city proper of Lipa. (During our trip last February, traffic was rerouted to a one-way street just past the junction after De La Salle Lipa. Though a bit circuitous, this adjustment eased the traffic flow noticeably. This leads to the right road merging to a Y junction with a monument in the middle referred to in 

Last week though, we heeded the sign and went past the Lipa exit and drove 11 kilometers more to get to the Ibaan exit. 

After the Lipa exit, the Star Tollway becomes a narrow two-way road.

After 10.5 kilometers from the Lipa exit, motorists are advised with this road sign.

From the exit, we turned left and headed towards the town of Ibaan. 

turn left and head towards Ibaan

road towards Rosario

We just followed the road and turned left at the end, which led to the town proper of Ibaan. After a few meters past the church, we came to a Y junction, where there was a road sign directing motorists to turn right. We drove about 15 kilometers until we got to the town proper of Rosario. There was a slight build up of traffic leading to the junction with a Jollibee store on the left side. We went straight past the junction, turned right at the end of the road and ended up a few meters before the arc going to the Batangas Racing Circuit. We followed the main road which veered to the left and drove straight for about 8 kilometers before we reached San Juan.

Welcome to San Juan, Batangas :)


Al said...

Thanks for the heads up! Is it more faster via ibaan than Lipa?

Kathy Sulit said...

Yes Al, getting to Laiya via the Ibaan exit is faster as you get to skip the traffic of Lipa. You'll save around 30-45 minutes of travel time. Enjoy your road trip! :)