May 22, 2011

Yey, I Cooked!!!

Me, slaving in our kitchen is such a rare sight. Lucky me, it is dear HB who cooks for me and our girls. Last night, on no special occasion, I did putter in the kitchen and produced this treat for my family:


I scoured the internet for the easiest recipe for this and was slightly disheartened to see that my ingredients were not complete. Most of the recipes I found called for mirin (Japanese cooking wine) and celery. But HB had already bought the meat and the green onions and he had Kikkoman in the cupboard. Another dash to the grocery would have made my feet cold in spite of the hot and dry clime we are currently experiencing. Postponing the cooking to another time until I get the ingredients complete was out of the question as I would find other things to do then and HB would have no recourse but to cook it. Such was the cycle of my "attempts" to cook something for my family.

So last night, I made do with what was available and cooked. And it was an easy task! I did have a stumbling moment when I didn't know what to do with the vermicelli noodles (whether to soak it first in water or submerge it directly on the stew) and HB sneaked out to buy beer so I couldn't ask him. Thank goodness for Google, I got my bearings back. 

I'm happy to say that I managed to elicit good reviews from my brood. Now I am inspired to try a few more easy dishes. Suggestions, anyone?

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