May 18, 2011

Henna Tattoos

After a few hours in Boracay, my eldest daughter turned to me and asked permission if she could get a henna tattoo. In my attempt to be a cool mom, I acquiesced and said I wanted one too!

We scoured the stalls offering henna tattoo services from Station 3 to 1,  in search of the design we wanted. After much thought, we settled somewhere near Station 1 and had ourselves inked:

mother and daughter bonding with henna tattoo

I had a difficult time choosing the design. In the end, the artist drew a freehand design on my back:

my tattoo up close, cost: PhP 100

As soon as my two younger girls saw us, they wanted to get inked too! The next night, they chose their own designs and happily paraded their tattoos:

Zoe's demure tattoo, cost: PhP 70

7-year old Fiona's tattoo, cost: PhP 70

The henna tattoos lasted a good two weeks before they completely faded. When we got the tattoos, we were instructed to wait an hour to dry the ink, wash it with soap and water, and blot the ink with tissue. I did exactly that and found some ink on the tissue and I had to wash it again with soap and water. After the second washing, there were no more traces of ink on the tissue which made it stain-proof on the bed sheets and towels.

The experience of getting temporary tattoos left us not only with souvenirs on our skin but more so, it made us feel the carefree vibe of Boracay. 

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