January 19, 2011

Looks Like A Good Deal from MetroDeal

Got an email earlier with the subject as: 

70% off Shui Hilot Triple Combo Massage / 75% RF Slimming Sessions

Normally, I ignore such mails and treat it as spam. But for some reason, I decided to open it. 

I called up Shui Spa to verify if they had this promo/tie-up with MetroDeal and the guy at the other end confirmed. So I continued to click and chose a payment method which I felt was the "safest". (I am still not comfortable divulging credit card details over the internet specially for new deals.) 

Now all I have to do is pay over-the-counter and wait for the voucher in my email. And with this, HB and I will be off to another "spa date". :)

P.S. MetroDeal claims to have a referral program so if you would also like to "avail" of this deal, please click here


Anonymous said...

you should check out their current deal :) 83% off hair rebonding :) www.metrodeal.com

Anonymous said...

thanks to this positive blog entry i just got the one from splash island for 250 instead of 500 =)

Anonymous said...

just bought 20 barbara's restaurant vouchers :) metrodeal is my favorite, but i also like buyanihan

Kathy Sulit said...

thanks! hope you enjoyed your good deals!! will try looking into that buyanihan. also heard about ensogo from a friend.

choco123456789 said...

Hi Kathy, I'm interested in buying something from metrodeal, do you have any recent review for them or anything that you bought recently from them? :) what is your experience?

Kathy Sulit said...

Hi choco, I just got their latest deal with Zoobic Safari at 51% off! I had a problem with the payment and emailed MetroDeal about it. They replied within an hour which was pretty swift. I haven't used my vouchers for the massage and I'm hoping it'll be a positive experience as well.
Go get your deal!

Anonymous said...


Kathy Sulit said...

I appreciate your warning, Phil. Bantay.
I feel bad for those who looks like they got scammed by the travel agency and I sure hope they get assistance from Metro Deal to get their money back.