August 26, 2011

Book Hauls from National Bookstore

About a month ago, I got into the bandwagon and started to read The Game of Thrones. This is the first book in George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice Series. 

It wasn't exactly light reading for me for the first part of the book. While the characters were developed by the author, it took effort for me to keep track of the names of the characters and the "Seven Kingdoms". The good part for me started after reading about two thirds of the book and I was particularly drawn to the characters of Lord Eddard, Lady Catelyn, Bran and Arya. (This isn't an attempt to review the book and I'm not going to spoil it for you if you're about to read it, so let me leave it at that.)

From the recent Cut-Price Book Sale of National Bookstore, I  got the three other books to complete the series.

                                             The Song Of Fire and Ice Series: 
                                             Book 1 - Game of Thrones, 
                                             Book 2 - Clash of Kings, 
                                             Book 3 - A Storm of Swords, 
                                             Book 4 - A Feast For Crows

Each book was originally priced at Php 315 and marked down by 20%.

My total savings for the lot was P 189. (Yey!)

I scoured the bargain book racks and chanced upon a couple more books. 

I favor reading John Grisham novels mainly because it is light and easy reading for me. I grabbed this book as I don't remember reading it yet and it's something that I know (and hope) that HB would also like to read. This may have been a sample copy as the book was out of its plastic covering, so the cover was a bit dilapidated. Still, I thought it was a good buy for its price tag.

a bargain book indeed!

Another book I picked up still had its plastic wrap.

While I'm not into Clive Cussler, HB is quite a follower of the Dirk Pitt series so I did not hesitate to get the book. When I turned the book over to look at its sale price, it turned out to be my best bargain score for the whole lot!

 A brand new book for only 50 bucks!!

Now I've got a stash of books by our bedside table and I'm looking forward to just curl up in bed the whole day to finish these books. Must. Find. Some Time. Soon.

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