February 8, 2012

Ever Grateful

As my natal day comes to a close in a couple of hours, I am overwhelmed with the abundance of simple joys. For the most part of the day, I spent my birthday quietly here at home with those whom I love most. I was showered with much love today and I am very thankful.

My day started with an early surprise from my two younger girls. They excitedly gave me a banner right before they left for school. They crafted this themselves with a little help from our yaya and I was told that they worked on this for about a week. They worked silently the whole time and kept it a secret. My littlest kid must have agonized for days as she was forbidden to spill the beans. Here is their work of art:

by Zoe and Fiona

As for my eldest daughter, she came back from her retreat this afternoon. I was happy to welcome her back in my arms. Her homecoming couldn't be timed more perfectly. A few minutes ago, it was her turn to surprise me with a  Tumblr post which really moved me and left me speechless.

I am so loved!

I need not receive material things to make my day special. Simply being surrounded by my husband and my girls is momentous enough for me. I am quite content with the gift of family togetherness, good health, a fulfilling job and well wishes from my close friends, relatives and colleagues. I am humbled and overwhelmed. They affirm that I am truly blessed. And for these, I am ever grateful.

happy birthday to me!

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