March 9, 2013

The Original Is Still The Best

On our way to Pampanga for the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta a couple of weeks ago, the hubby thought that our girls ought to try the original sisig recipe concocted by Aling Lucing. He decided against take-out as he thought that the girls must try the dining experience as well.

Fine dining, it was most definitely not. This was not for the faint of heart. Smoke wafted in the dining area but the patrons of Aling Lucing's Sisig did not seem to mind at all as this added to the authenticity of the ambiance.

Photos of diners, including celebrities and famous personalities were hung on the wall. I recognized Filipino celebrity talk show host, Boy Abunda, among the sea of faces. But what caught my attention was the framed pictures of a smiling Anthony Bourdain. No doubt, he too was enamored with the taste of the original sisig.

We arrived at 11:30 am and thought we got in ahead of the lunch crowd, but boy, were we wrong! Already, the place was packed and we immediately grabbed the first of only two vacant tables. We were told that the sisig ran out and the staff was still preparing the next batch. We prepped ourselves for a long wait. Nonetheless, this gave me the opportunity to see the tedious process in the preparation of this dish.

These are the pig cheeks which are the main ingredient of sisig. The pork slabs were grilled right out on the street. Note that these have been previously boiled and seasoned until tender.

 Then came the task of chopping.

One knife wasn't enough.

Finely chopped onions were mixed with the pork. Finally, the sisig was served on a hot plate.

I must say that this was worth the wait! It still is the best tasting sisig, passionately prepared by the trained staff of the late Aling Lucing. Her legacy continues and the horde of people who flock in to partake of the dish she originated should be the best testament of all.

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