February 23, 2010

My Macau-Hong Kong Birthday Celebration - Part II

Since our kids didn't come with us for this trip, we decided early on that we will not go to Disneyland nor Ocean Park. We'll save those destinations for that time when the girls are with us.

With that in mind, I made arrangements to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon Island. I specifically wanted to see the Symphony of Lights and the Avenue of the Stars and explore the shops in Granville Road.

After checking out of the hotel in Macau, we boarded the ferry which took us directly to Tsim Sha Tsui. At the pier, we took a cab to get to the Empire Hotel where we were booked.

This was the view from our room

We then headed out to explore Kimberley Road and crossed Nathan Road where numerous shops abound. We particularly explored this strip

and then walked some (well, a lot actually) more to the direction of Victoria Bay. Along the way, we passed by the ChungKing House and I couldn't resist taking a shot

We laughed as we remembered all the reviews about the accommodations in this building posted on the Net.

We also passed by the Hong Kong Museum of Art

and then we finally reached the Avenue of the Stars

where my DH made a wacky pose

For dinner, we each got this steak sandwich from a bar called Berlin

and this was on the table

How apt.

As for the beer, well what can I say? My DH is a die-hard Filipino!

Afterwards, we turned into Cameron Road (which is just a parallel street to Nathan Road) and surprisingly stumbled into Granville Road

Most of the shops sold boots and winter clothes. I resisted the urge to buy as I knew I wouldn't be able to wear them back in Manila. I saw a Bossini Outlet Store and patiently went through the jeans section. I emerged triumphantly with a size 24 stretch jeans which I got for only HK$ 99!

Right beside it is another shop called Cotton On where I grabbed a couple of dresses for HK$ 90 each (which I will share with my eldest daughter, haha, excuses, excuses), ballerina-style shoes and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses.

With that, DH firmly led me back to the hotel.

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