April 5, 2011

In and Out of Bohol

I got the chance to visit Bohol for the first time courtesy of a business trip earlier this month. My entry to this province was via "back door" as we originally flew in to Cebu (where we stayed overnight) and took the ferry to get to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. 

There are a number of domestic companies which ply the route of Cebu to Bohol (and vice versa) and we chose OceanJet. We purchased the ticket at an outlet in Ayala Town Center (which came with an additional handling fee) and saved ourselves from the hassle of rushing and lining up at the ferry port. 

It was a bright and sunny day when we crossed the Cebu Strait. The blue sea and sky brought an instant tranquil mood in me. 

The ferry ride took about an hour and a half. As soon as the passengers alighted the ferry, this billboard came to view:

There are cabs and tricycles lined up outside the port, all ready to take passengers to their chosen destination in the province. Tourists usually end up in Panglao Island which boasts of white sand beaches and diving spots. But other must-see spots in the province are aplenty. Taxi drivers entice travelers to go around and set foot in the city's historical Sandugo Blood Compact landmark and Bohol Museum, visit Baclayon Church,  board the floating restaurant and cruise down the Loboc River,  experience crossing the hanging bamboo bridge, pass by the Mahogany-lined road in Bilar, discover their province's famed Chocolate Hills, and finally see the Philippine tarsier. Other noteworthy spots to visit are the Punta Cruz  Watch tower, Mag-aso Falls and the Bohol Bee Farm, which I heard offers a unique dining experience.The drivers may be contracted by the tourists to take them around for a day or two.

But with business to do, I passed up on those destinations and  went straight to Panglao Island to attend a number of meetings.

The following day, we were back in Tagbilaran City. It was time to leave for Manila. The airport was just a few minutes away from the city proper. Albeit small, it was bustling with much activity.

My time in Bohol was quite short and left me wanting. I vow to be back for another time to enjoy the different natural and cultural sights and experiences that Bohol has in store. 

http://www.bohol.ph for the comprehensive article on What to See and Do in Bohol.

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