March 4, 2012

Jumbo Tacos

Located along the National Road in Barrio Barretto in Olongapo, The Coffee Shop Restaurant is quite known as the home of Jumbo Tacos. Locals and foreign visitors alike flock to this place for a fill of this Mexican dish which was given a different twist to satisfy those with huge appetites.

Northbound, this is the sign to look out for so as not to miss the restaurant.

Inside, expect a no-frills set up of standard tables and monoblock chairs.

But the tacos, which is its prime attraction, did not disappoint.

 The huge taco salad topped with sour cream (hot sauce added). 

The famous Jumbo Taco.

Best of all, the prices were very reasonable.

In case you'd like to know, I was unable to finish my jumbo taco :)

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