March 4, 2012

Photo Op: Puerto del Sol Beach Resort

Nestled in the coastal town of Bolinao in Pangasinan, Puerto del Sol is a chic but homey resort/hotel boasting of AA Classification from the Department of Tourism. The resort offers an elegant ambiance as well as friendly and efficient service.

Last week, I was on my first business trip for 2012 and this resort was our first destination. The road trip took about five hours via STEX and the national highways of Tarlac and Pangasinan. We traversed the towns of Camiling, Mangatarem, Bugallon, Alaminos and Bani before finally getting to Bolinao. 

Upon our registration at the front desk, we were welcomed with a  necklace of tiny shells and given a glass of buko juice for refreshment. After almost half the day on the road, the drink was quite a welcome treat. We were then ushered to our room, passing through a walk covered with bougainvilleas in full bloom.

a canopy of bougainvilleas leading to the rooms

the Mansion Villas

lower level Mansion Villas

The rooms were simply furnished with the basic amenities covered. There were two double-sized beds, a mini-bar, provisions for instant coffee and/or tea, hot and cold shower, and WiFi internet inside the room.

our room

I didn't stay long inside the room though and chose to stroll on the grounds and observed a few fine additions to the resort compared to my first visit back in 2008. I noticed a game room, a dining set up by the pool area and some few cabanas were added. The souvenir shop found at the entrance of the restaurant had more stuff to offer.

trinkets, native crafts, home decor, shirts and dresses available

I parked myself at the La Playa, the resort's dining area by the beach, another new addition. After a few minutes, I was rewarded with a glorious view of the sunset.

With the fresh sea breeze blown in my face, all the stress associated with the city life melted away. Indeed, communing with nature soothes the tired and weary soul. 

Refreshed from a full 7-hour sleep, I woke up early the next day and savored the tranquil atmosphere. The resort staff were inconspicuous as they cleaned the pool and prepared the resort for another bright and sunny day.

the pool

I ventured out to the beach for a stroll along the coast...

beach entrance enjoy the breathtaking skyline.

view to the left ;)

view to the right ;)

During breakfast, I noticed these guests who were onto a great photo opportunity for their Facebook album perhaps ;)

kayaking in barely knee-deep waters

... make for a great picture nonetheless

Seeing that made me wish I was with my family vacationing here instead. Pretty soon, we will. 

For more information about the resort amenities, rates and other offerings, view Puerto del Sol's website.

Disclosure: The company I work for has a business relationship with the owners of the resort. We were given free accommodations for our overnight stay. However, this post was made without either party's knowledge. 


fhiosky said...

Hi! Do you still remember the exact room rates? quite confusing kc pa-iba iba sila. I've also read from other blogs anlaki ng differences ng rates. I want to bring my family here this May 2012 to celebrate my mom's bday. thanks!

Kat said...

I know that their rates vary depending on the season. Summer, of course, is their peak. Please email me at Let's try to get you a discount ;)

Chika Central said...

natuwa naman ako dun sa nagkakayak tapos nasa mababaw palang sila nag picture at nakunan mo pa ah!

pero seryoso??? FREE overnight stay talaga? *envy* super ganda kasi dyan eh at talagang kelangan pagipunan haha!

magkano kaya ung discount nyan mga last week of April 2013? tapos mga 2 days ang stay?

You can reach me at chikacentral(at)gmail(dot)com :)