March 20, 2010

Burgoo - Our Family's Fave Restaurant

For several occasions over several years now, our family celebrates special events in Burgoo restaurant in Tomas Morato. My girls love having their birthday dinners here because the waiters would surprise them with a dessert and a round, or should I say medley, of "happy birthday" songs.

Last February 11 was Zoe's 10th birthday. She chose Burgoo.

Today, after Fiona's graduation program, she said she also wanted to celebrate in Burgoo.

We usually order their carbonara pasta and baby back ribs and shrimp platter. But today, we tried something else.

Pizza Sampler, regular, Php 375

Oklahoma Ribs, regular, Php 580

Seafood Jambalaya, regular, Php 285

And because we had a "graduate", they gave us a free dish :)

Supreme Sampler (buffalo wings, spring rolls, onion rings and mozzarella sticks)

Here's to more celebrations in Burgoo!

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