March 29, 2010

Day 2 in Club Balai Isabel

On our second day in Club Balai, I spent a good part of the morning strolling and taking pictures of my younger girls. The resort is filled with snippets of artfully-arranged plants and the girls gamely posed for me.

There was also a bit of history lesson for my girls. We noticed that the first three clusters of the Lakeside and Lakefront Suites were named after national heroes born in Batangas.

We found this bit interesting.

Then we all had breakfast and the girls went swimming afterwards.

We promptly checked out of the resort at 12 noon as we had a lunch invitation elsewhere in Talisay.

We all thought that this was a good way to kick off the start of summer... The fresh air and cool breeze was just what we needed as a breather from the sweltering heat of Manila.

A good time was truly had by all.

Want more proof? Even Fiona's furry friend had a blast! ;)

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