March 19, 2010

Ka Lui Restaurant

Another popular restaurant in Puerto Princesa in Palawan is KaLui. Diners are accorded a different experience as guests are asked to leave their shoes or slippers before entering the main dining area. Yes, guests go barefoot when they dine.

Reservations are necessary as the resto is always full.

While waiting for our food, the flowers on the side of the table (marked on pic above), which I think were meant to be a centerpiece, found their way on my girls' hair.

To cool us off, we ordered iced tea and fruit shakes.

For starters, we were given an appetizer of seaweed salad.

We got the house specialty called the seafood platter which consisted of steamed fish, grilled squid, grilled tuna and shrimp.

seafood platter

For dessert, slices of fresh fruits topped with brown sugar, served in a coconut shell.

Mmmm, everything was good! No wonder, KaLui is a must-go-to restaurant when in Palawan.

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