July 14, 2010

Lunch Out at Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse

Last Sunday after we heard mass at Eastwood's Holy Family Chapel, we decided to do our grocery shopping in Shopwise Libis. And since we were all getting hungry, we decided to have lunch at this Chinese restaurant found at the ground level of the Shopwise building.

Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse

the menu

my girly-girls and my black gulaman in the foreground

Food was served relatively quick although the waiters weren't too attentive to the diners. The food servers passing our table were concentrated on getting to the table they were called upon and didn't bother looking at other diners trying to catch their attention. But when everything was served to us, we enjoyed the food and didn't notice the taste of MSG which is fairly common to Chinese-style dishes. With no artificial flavoring, I must say that the food was generally good.

(Pardon the shots below as my brood was really famished so they already dug in by the time I remembered to take pictures.)

Beef with Broccoli, PhP 250

The beef strips were tender and there was a generous helping of broccoli and mushrooms on the side.

Fried Spareribs with salt and pepper, PhP 180

The menu said fried pork spareribs so we were surprised that it came out to be pork slices. Nonetheless, we found this dish to be tastefully good. But we also found it to be too spicy for our girls' taste buds. It would have been nice if, seeing that we had kids, they asked us at the start if we preferred it spicy or not.

Yang Chow Fried Rice, good for 2-3, PhP 150

When everyone had their fill, off we went to the grocery (where I bought a vase for the roses that HB gave me.) Most importantly, it's the bonding time with our girls that are truly worth savoring.


Anonymous said...

we had an irritating incident at this restaurant just a few hours ago. We did not enjoy the food because the waitress interrupted us twice due to one can of softdrink i have with me which i bought from shopwise while buying the groceries. got thirsty when we were at the grocery then we decided to eat at this bulshit resto! we stayed outside the resto,since i still have the cart of groceries with me. after ordering the food, one f the waitress called my attention while i was drinking my can of soda. sabi nya '' mam bawal po magdala ng softdrinks dito sa loob ng resto' i told her, bakit? wala naman kami sa loob ng resto ha, we were sitting at the lobby side of shopwise. Then she gave me a plastic bag, and ask me to put my soda inside the plastic..i said..WHAAAAAT??? but then i do what she told me to stop the argument...then the food came..we were already eating when suddenly..another waitress came..she told me " mam pakibasa po yun policy na nakasulat sa menu" ...kailangan ko daw magbayad ng corkage fee...biglang init ng ulo ko to the highest level! We were already eating, sa isang lata ng soda...bwibwisitin nila yun dinner namin ng husband ko...and that asshole na manager!!!! talagang asshole sya.. I believe he was the one who instructed the waitress..sorry for the word..but we were really dissapointed! Kaya Yang Chow!!!babagsak ka din dahil sa bulok nyong policy!!!

Anonymous said...

same here...yun manager na singkit dyan..namimili ng bibigyan ng free nilang tea...tapos pag mukha ka pang empleyado lang..di ka papansinin ng mga waitress ang staff nila dyan..di maganda ang service. Negative na talaga sa akin ang resto na ito.

Kathy Sulit said...

uh-oh, looks like they have to get their acts together to stay in business longer.

spreadsomeawesome said...

I have been here twice and so far, both my experiences are good. Maybe with proper timing because when I went there, not a lot of customers yet. Anyway, that is not a reason not to serve guests well. They should change if they want to keep their business. Sayang if not because their food are really good.

Kathy Sulit said...

@spreadsomeawesome, i agree, the food was generally good but the service needs to improve. hope it does on my next visit.

Anonymous said...

the food is very good we don't need to ask for better service on them if you go to a chinese tea house they don't usualy serve on your plate if you want a very good service and paster you need to go in a fine dining, go to shangrila

earl said...

My friends and I went here last week. It was already 10PM, I think. OK naman ang service. Wala akong napansin na isang rude manager at ibang staff. Siguro, nagpalit na or nagbago na sila ng ugali? hehehe.. :)

Infairness, masarap nga ang food dun.