July 27, 2010

Views from the top of Grand Soho Makati

Also last Wednesday, we were at the new and posh Grand Soho Makati condominium along Sen. Gil Puyat (formerly, or should I say more popularly, called Buendia) Avenue. This newest residential building was developed by the Century Properties Group and is now in the process of turn-over to the buyers. Some colleagues and I visited the property to do our "survey".

We went up to the 6th (or was it the 8th) floor where the business center and lounge were going to be. There was also a gym on this floor but I got drawn to this next amenity and couldn't help but take a picture.

the pool

Then we went all the way up to the roof deck on the 42nd floor which accorded us these views:

Buendia Avenue

H.V. dela Costa Street

Makati Avenue skyline

Salcedo Village skyline

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