August 22, 2010

The Aristocrat Restaurant

About a couple of weeks ago, HB and I had lunch in one of Manila's oldest - The Aristocrat Restaurant. Our generation grew up with stories about our parents dating along Roxas Boulevard and dining in this restaurant during special occasions. While there was no particular celebration for us, we fondly recalled our parents' tales and excitedly went inside.

As soon as we entered, I was greeted with the restaurant's claim to fame:

We unanimously chose to order "the classics":

Alas, the quality of the food has greatly changed and we were terribly disappointed. It just wasn't the same good old Aristocrat that we have fond memories of. And the java sauce which were served in sachets (rather than in bottles) really put us off. The commercialism bug got them pretty bad. And while they may have stayed in spite of the competition, they leave diners like us who expect the quality of the yesteryears sadly wishing for the good old days.

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