August 30, 2010

Photo Op: The Pearl Farm Resort

our souvenir shot

Guess I've still got what may be called a Davao hang-over ;)

Allow me to post photos taken a couple of years back (July 2008 to be exact) when our work team had the chance to "survey" the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, which was a 45-minute boat ride from Davao City.

The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one of our country's ultimate destination as it offers breathtaking sights of Samal Island's pristine sand and sea and luxurious accommodations. Set amidst 14 hectares, the resort was once indeed a pearl farm. 

this is the resort's most famous landmark, The Parola

The Parola is the resort's famous landmark, featured in several of the resort's advertising campaigns. This landmark serves as the guests's welcome area upon arrival.

the resort's uber inviting infinity pool

I fell in love with the resort's infinity pool which looks out to the sea surrounding the island. Lounge chairs are ideally spread around the pool for guests to soak in the beautiful sights.

the Samal Houses

The Samal Houses are built on stilts on the waters, inspired by the houses of the Samal tribe of Mindanao. These rooms have balconies to afford guests magnificent views of the sea.

the Samal Suites

The Samal Suites are 2-storey cottages which are right by the beach of the resort. 

the Malipano Island

Across the Parola, the Malipano island can be seen. We were told that the island houses a function room, a 3-hole golf course and the most exclusive villas of the resort.  

Accommodations are on the pricey side, with rates starting at US $150 (about PhP 6,900) for the hilltop cottages called Balay Houses while the Malipano Villas go for around US $680 (roughly PhP 31,300) per night. Various promotional packages which include room and board are also offered for honeymooners, families and vacationers to make the rates more affordable.

But from the looks of it, the resort truly offers an unforgettable pampering experience and it may be worth all that moolah.

Fortunately, dreams don't cost a dime so I will wish for my family to be able to experience the luxury offered by the Pearl Farm Resort, and I would settle even for just a day tour. ;) Who knows, my dream just might come true! 

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