August 28, 2010

Random Snapshots and Chronicles in Davao City

Upon exit from the Davao International Airport, travelers are greeted with this:

"Welcome to Davao City"


On my second day, in between meetings, I managed to squeeze in some street scenes

wide intersection in downtown Davao
(Don't be fooled tough, traffic can be really bad during rush hours.)

a bane for smokers
Davao City strictly prohibits smoking in public places.

I don't think I've seen this in Manila ;)

Hmmm... wishful thinking
The Marco Polo Hotel

and a quick look at some souvenir shops at the Aldevinco Center.

shops inside the Aldevinco Center

ethnic bags, costumes, cloth, accessories, etc.

brass ware, native bags and accessories 


On the third and final day, we went to the Citra Mina outlet along Quimpo Boulevard, near SM City Davao. I've always looked forward to going to Citra Mina to buy tuna that I bring back to Manila.

Citra Mina Seafood outlet near SM City Davao

Inside the shop are two rows lined with freezers on both sides. They sell frozen tuna in a variety of cuts and states of process (sashimi cuts, belly, panga, nuggets, lumpia, etc.). Also available are blue marlin and tiger prawns. They used to have gindara and I was greatly disappointed when I found out that this was out of stock. Their items are vacuum packed and sealed and they also sell styrofoam coolers (the smallest one for PhP 70) and bag coolers (two sizes available, priced at PhP 170 and PhP 300) to make it more convenient for checking in at the airport.


We were supposed to go next to Bangkerohan Market where we would buy fruits but we were told to visit the on-going trade fair at the back of SM City. Since it was a short walk anyway, we decided to check it out. 

we were just in time to see this trade fair

Luckily, the local fruits were in season and prices were low. Pomelos were at PhP 70 per kilo, durian and mangosteen were sold at PhP 35 per kilo each, and the doco variety of lanzones were at PhP 40 per kilo. We hauled off a total of 14 kilos of fruits!

fruits galore

The flowers and plants called my attention ;)

orchids for sale

I couldn't resist and brought home a couple of ornamentals. I think I will name them Dabawenya and Kadayawan =))


My last photo for this post was taken as we were rushing back to the hotel. The day before I took this, there was a rally to show protest for the hostage taking and killing of the 8 Hong Kong tourists in Manila. The flowers were still laid out in front.

People's Park

I know that I have yet to explore many sights and tastes. Until my next visit!

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