October 24, 2010

Discovering Dumaguete - Part 5 - Dating at the Rizal Boulevard

HB and I felt like college kids as we first headed out to Rizal Boulevard  -- which was immediately right after freshening up in our hotel room on our first night.

As soon as the smell of the street food wafted to our senses, we stopped the tricycle and excitedly ordered our "appetizers". We chose a stall and our table. The manang selling the street food took one look at us and smiled. She continued to smile when she served our "tempura", squid balls and balut.

HB and I tried to blend with the crowd of students and some office workers unwinding. We tried hard but I guess we were obvious because we were also busy posing and trying to take our picture :D  After much frustration with taking our self-portraits, we asked the manang to take our picture. Here is our souvenir shot of that "date".

The following day, we were again at the Boulevard to view the bay and the Acacia tree-lined path. And since this was a university town, we tried to dress the part so we could blend in with the locals. We strolled the whole stretch and just soaked in the fresh sea breeze.

Later that afternoon, we again found ourselves in the vicinity and we did something that the locals do: we sat on a bench fronting the sea and found ourselves wonderfully happy with such simple pleasures!

HBs at the Boulevard
(this photo was taken with a small tripod)

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